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Ranveer Brar is a renowned Indian chef who showcases his culinary prowess on several cooking shows across the globe. Chef Brar is presently one of the best chefs in India who has received numerous commendations for his inspirational creations. He has appeared on numerous cooking shows, including, “Breakfast xpress”, “Thank God its Friday”, and “Snack Attack”. Chef Brar was also a judge on the reality show, “Master Chef India” in season four.

Mayura Indian Restaurant In Brampton

Mayura Indian Restaurant In Brampton


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Peacock is the national bird of India and represents the countries dynamic moods and colors much like its graceful plumes. The food in India is very diverse and changes after every 200 kilometers. The menu at Mayura By Chef Ranveer Brar represents this diversity, inspired from his travels and upbringing- Chef Ranveer brings a representation of the depths of Indian cuisine, its various moods, flavors and nuances.



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